Learn to let go

As Designers, we take pride in our work and set high standards for ourselves.

At the start of each project we endeavour to create a product that is better, faster, easier and more beautifully executed than the last.

In short, we seek perfection, and anything that doesn’t move us closer to this feels like a compromise.

We pour energy into each detail of a design, then throw our arms around it tightly – protecting each decision in the hope that nothing gets changed.

How can this be healthy? There are so many factors that effect a project, many of which are outside of our control – time, budget and technical constraints.

Don’t hold on so tight.

With so many variables, the chances of there being a single most efficient way, amongst all the millions of variations, is slim to none.

There’s more than one right way.

This is something that I learned a while ago, and a phrase I often find myself repeating to remind myself, and others, that we stop searching for perfection – it’s impossible to find.

Pick one of the many ways that works and go with that. Get your creation into the wild where you can really start to learn what works, more quickly.

In turn, you’ll save time and energy, allowing you to concentrate on more important things in life.

It’s only a website.

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