Jim Ramsden
This is me, doing an impression of myself.

Jim Ramsden

From the internet

Hey there.

I’m Jim, a designer from the UK. I work at Etch where we design and build apps for devices, big and small.

I have a hardwired desire to be better, an instinct for good design, a strong ambition to make a difference on the web, embarrassing hang-ups on semantics, and evangelistic tendencies.

Life so far...

  • Breathing since 1982
  • Nearly died in 1996
  • Met the perfect girl in 2005
  • Proposed to her in 2008
  • Married her in 2012
  • Expecting a baby in 2013
  • Became a Dad in 2013

Thinking about...

  • Ecosystems
  • Performance
  • EdTech

Lover of...

  • Barefaced Branding
  • Friendly Functionality
  • Characterful Copy
  • Intuitive Interfaces
  • Clean Code
  • Simple Sign-up
  • Awesome Alliteration

Hater of...

  • Bullshit Buzzwords
  • Decorative Design
  • Copy Cats